Is anyone else feeling life has them in the funk lately? I can’t seem to find enough time lately to get everything done. I’m either wrangling kids around or keeping kiddos quiet and occupied while hubby sleeps (third shift life y’all sucks).

I feel in a funk right now. Anyone else out there relate to this? I often feel like we’re just getting by, emotions are on the lose, sometimes nap time happens, sometimes it doesn’t. And bedtime routine is the real deal.

Mamas either feel one of two ways, but hardly never the two at the same time.

We either feel (a. we totally got this and nothing can tear us down or (b. heck to the no, everything is falling apart right now and nothing will fix it.

Maybe you have a mama tribe, you know, a group of mamas who are more than just friends who you can pour out your living guts to. They get it, way more than dear husband does.

Because when the house is falling apart, no one but you truly understands what a big deal this is (unless it’s your mama tribe).

But your husband doesn’t get it. The fact that a man can sit on the toilet for 20 minutes and poop, explains a lot. Who the heck has time for that insanity? Heck, when I go poo I go. I don’t sit on my phone for an additional 20 minutes killing bad guys, or whatever the heck they do.


Mamas are constantly on demand. We know this. But you know what? I don’t think dads always get it. And that’s ok. They are different beings. They have a different chemistry makeup. They are men.

But instead of complaining about him not understanding you, why not praise him for the hard work he encounters daily.

The moment my husband understood me

It was last week. He works 85 hours a week, 7 days straight. He’s exhausted every second of every day. But I also work my butt off trying to keep kiddos happy and alive and make sure the household is running properly.

I wear out, I often cry. Sometimes I want to give up (honest mom moment). And then his text came in right before he went into his shift:

“You are the best freaking wife a Navy Nuclear Officer could ever ask for. You support me in so many ways. You put in just as much work and effort into keeping things straight at home as I do keeping things straight at work.”

Insta tears. I was folding laundry at 10pm (we all do that right?) and I instantly broke down. Because he got it. He sees where I struggle. He sees where I’m weak. Yet he understands and appreciates who I am as his wife and that is all I need to keep going on today.

Who understands you?

Even if you never receive that recognition or praise, keep doing you mama. Don’t make your husband understand you. Love, patience, and grace will do it on its own. <3


And if you need some extra mama grace and everything baby related, hop over to ThinkBaby

Zoe is an excellent author with great tips for us mamas!

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