We’re moms. Time is a precious jewel for all of us. Time is beautiful. And not enough time often leaves us as frustrated, overwhelmed, groggy, and unhappy mamas. Can I get an amen?

How many of you actually get a shower in daily all by yourself? It’s not a big deal to anyone else but to a mama, it’s the cherry on top of the cake if mama can get a alone shower time.

But at the same time, the most precious thing you can give someone is your time. Yet time is so valuable, so priceless, and time is love. When you give someone your time you are investing into them and showing them an act of love.

So what is the secret to gaining more time? Because I’m pretty sure we all have the same twenty-four hours in a day. On average six of those twenty-four hours are spent sleeping and being a full time mama with the other eighteen hours spent investing in your children.

How to gain more time in your day?

We all know time is free. It’s free, but not priceless. You can use it and also lose it. You can’t own it but you can spend it. Because once you’ve lost it you can’t get it back. This is an easy concept to understand–it’s pretty straightforward.

How do I make more time out of my day with two very small children and a husband who works eighty-five hours a week?

“I devote one hour every morning with my Lord.”

That’s it. Giving God that one hour a day has literally changed my entire outcome of each and every single day. Prayer is my communication with Him and letting Him in on my day changes everything. And for some reason most everything falls into place. Of course there are still tantrums, meltdowns, and true trying moments. But even in those moments I feel peaceful. I feel restful and calm.

I challenge you to spend an hour every single day with Jesus and see how it will change the routine and outcome of your day. Let your prayer be for God to multiply your time. You may think this is impossible but it’s not. In fact it’s likely to happen. Ask him to make your every second managed wisely (i.e. not surfing Facebook and Instagram or Netflix binging). Those things waste time.

Many times I pray during a breastfeeding session because I don’t always get that full hour alone in the morning and it’s okay. God is very forgiving and understanding!

Make every moment count

Being effective with every second will produce more time because (1. you now know what’s most important and what needs to get done and (2. you can fulfill what He really wants of you.

The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective. Be intentional. Give God just one hour of your day and watch and see how the other twenty-three will be used.

My day now?

I go through my day with a much happier spirit. Of course I have my frustrated mama moments because I’m human. But when I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, tired, and impatient I ask God to give me peace, patience and joy in this very situation I am faced with.

Try it. It works.

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