Happy Friday, mamas! It felt like this week was never going to come to an end. My husband is back on 14 hour days and boy, 14 hours in a day never felt so long before!

Let’s Get Dirty

Let’s talk about household cleaners and everything “green”.

Did you know that just because a household cleaner has the word “green” written across the label, means absolutely nothing? In fact, the FDA can legally market their cleaning products as “green” and/or “healthy” BUT still contain hard chemicals, proven too cause an array of health concerns. The problem with this is that it’s totally legal. Like what the heck? Just another reason why you can’t trust anything and anyone!

You’re Green and Crunchy

Truth is though, you’re green and kind of crunchy. Every mom is. I bet you’re using something more natural in your house (whether it be cleaners, food, personal items, diapers) because you are aware that chemicals are harmful. We can settle on that and agree, correct? Potentially dangerous chemicals can be found in every single room n your house. Who’s more at risk? Your babies. Your kiddos.

How Dangerous?

If a certain chemical is not stored away properly, within seconds your child could either drink it, get it in their eyes, or rub it on their skin! THIS IS A BIG DEAL! And I can almost make you a bet that if you go in your hallway closet or wherever you store your household cleaners, somewhere on the back on the bottle you will see all the warnings and what to do if the worst possible situation arrises!

And the craziest thing of all? It’s advised to spray an area with Lysol or use Lysol Wipes to disinfect toys and then a little while later, go ahead and let your child play with those toys! OH MY GOSH!

We are the gatekeepers to our home. As moms we have the pull on what we can let in our home and what our children are exposed to.

The Big UGLY Truth!

There are over 150 chemicals found in cleaners that are linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders. Bet you didn’t know that! And the truth is? The FDA is NOT required to make you aware whatsoever. The truth is, you need to know.

I have two small children. I care a whole ton what these little ones consume daily and now even more so what goes on their delicate, sensitive skin.

I’m not here to scare you. In fact, I’m here to challenge you. I want you to make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

If you want facts. They’re out there. If you’re looking for statistics. They’re there.

Most laundry detergent contains a form of NTA. NTA is a substance we may reasonably anticipate to be a carcinogen. (this comes straight from the Merck Index). 

And according to the American Lung Association,

“Some products release contaminants into the air right away, others do so gradually over a period of time. Some stay in the air up to a year. These contaminants, found in many household and personal care products can cause dizziness, nausea, allergic reactions, eye/skin/respiratory tract irritations and some cause cancer.”

There are so many recipes online on how to make your own household cleaner, detergents, soaps, etc. Or if you want the more convenient way of living a toxic free lifestyle, check out this link!

What’s the Hype?

Essential Oils are who I am now. I always tell people, one more oil you’re using is one less chemical in your home! I am currently working on switching and ditching. Truth is, you only need one cleaner to replace all of your other cleaners when you switch over to Young Living.

I started off with this kit. It had everything I needed to get me going and after one month of experimenting with the oils and finding various usages, I went on an automatic monthly order because I love it that much. Plus I get free product monthly!! 

Seriously, ask me how. It’s changed my life. Also, please download the app “Think Dirty”. I promise you will be in shock. I was and I still am. Let’s educate each other and help recreate healthy homes for our babies!

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