How many of you stare in the mirror day after day and always find something new to criticize about?

“I hate my legs.”

“I hate my belly.”

“I hate my hair.”

“I hate my teeth.”

And what not…

Criticism Kills

Criticism is a woman’s worst enemy. In fact, criticism is so dangerous it can kill all of your relationships, your marriage and who you are as a mother. Criticism is the devil. And when you beat yourself up for not being good enough or beautiful enough, that’s when criticism sneaks in and begins to lie to you that you are no good. You’ll never be good enough and might as well stop trying.

Along with criticism comes discontentment. You soon become unhappy with yourself and can’t live with your life. You hide from society, hide from your friends, and worst of all, you hide from your husband. You make yourself believe so much that you are ugly and unpleasant to even open an eye at. So when your husband walks by, you beg of him to please look away or turn the lights off so you can continue to believe your body is disgusting and shameful.

Insecurity Destroys

Insecurity is the next emotion that settles in. There are certain clothes you avoid wearing, and heaven forbid if you have to wear a swimsuit for an occasion, you simply don’t go. You avoid events and occasions based on your emotions and what you have to go through in order to make an appearance.

Love who you are

Appearance. You hate yourself, even though you would never verbally say that, but you honestly hate certain aspects about you. Simply said, you hate yourself.

Beautiful mama, God of the universe created this beautiful world and when he created you, he made a beautiful image. He also created a man who would love you and be the best man for you. Hiding in the dark will only turn you away from everyone who loves you and you are destroying your heart and soft soul even more.

Keep the Lights On

No, don’t turn off the lights anymore.

Stop hiding in the corner. Your beauty needs to be seen, valued, and made important.

A plant in the dark cannot bloom. A plant left alone without water, will die. The same goes for you. You are a beautiful flower that needs the same requirements. Your heart and soul yearn for recognition, admiration, and affirmations.

Please let your husband tell you how beautiful you are. Allow him to be completely infatuated with your body and your heart.

Your family is your soil and as long as there are good relationships surrounding you, you are planted in good soil. Your husband is what helps you grow. His words are water and food to your soul. He helps you bloom in your environment.

So please, stop turning the light off and telling him to look away. Eventually he will look away and be devastated that his own wife will not trust his sweet words.

Your soul and beauty are tender. Love yourself.

You are worth it.


How will you change your thinking today? 


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