This week has been hard.

REAL HARD. The crap is icky and the duties never end. For real.

Anyone here with a toddler? Man, toddlers are tough. There are so many moments when I have to remind myself that he’s ONLY 2. But sometimes, ugh, sometimes I have to walk away from the situation and literally take a deep breath because he’s so challenging. Am I the only mama here dealing with terrible 2’s? I didn’t think it was a real thing but let me tell you; the terrible 2’s is definitely a real thing!

Carry on

Carry on, sweet mama.

Carry on, brave mama.

Carry on, sleepy mama.

Carry on, sad mama.

Carry on, impatient mama.

Carry on, hopeless mama.

Carry on, scared mama.

Cary on, worried mama.

Carry on, loving mama.

Carry on.

You know as I sit here I can’t help but think of all the titles a mama holds. And there are many titles and roles a mama can have all at once. Mamas are tough humans and so it seems silly that a little 2 year old human can take the very last ounce of energy out of a mama. But you know why this happens?

We love those little people so much and when we have to discipline, it hurts our tender mama heart. Yes, it’s for their good, but it hurts. And the moment they scream/cry we start doubting ourselves and asking if we did the right thing.

Motherhood is hard. The emotions are endless, the unknowns are countless, and the questions are forever.

But today I am here to tell you to keep pressing on. Keep standing your ground and keep your chin up. These little people 100% depend on us.

Without you they are helpless and hopeless. So remember, you are a BIG deal.

I’m Tired Too

I get it though. I’m tired. I’m tired of being woken up at 2am and not shutting my eyes until 4:30am because the 6 month old decides to nurse on and off and pull and tug and fuss and coo.

I just want a brief second alone too, but what does that even mean?

No one ever said motherhood would be easy. In fact, things worth fighting for are worth it. And in this case, I will fight through the exhaustion, the frustration when my toddler throws his 10th tantrum in an hour, the stress when both kids are screaming during bedtime, the impatience boiling inside of me when I can’t get a second alone. Because at the end of every day I have two precious babes and they are worth fighting for.




What are you fighting for today?

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