So we’re all busy.

I get it.

I have two littles and I mean, one who

JUST turned 2 and the other is almost 5.5 months. I’m busy.

I also have a bu

siness (educator and coach for Young Living Essential Oils)–great products, by the way!

My husband also works an average of 70 hours a week and we have NO family in the area. I parent solo most days I’m pooped.

So I get the whole busy thing. I’m there right now in my life too and it’s not easy. In fact, somedays I really don’t want to get out of bed. I’d rather much ignore the day’s tasks and pretend I can be a kid for one day. But all moms can agree that is for sure an unrealistic thought and therefore, it’s an imaginary moment.

But let’s talk about busy for a sec. Are you busy doing things that will move you forward, or are you busy stuck in the day’s rut and to do list?

Because I totally get it. Life is just like that. Busy.

What are you fulfilling your time with? Extra curriculum activities or tasks that will actually produce fruit? Are you just being busy for the heck of it so you don’t feel “unsuccessful” or “lazy”?

It’s important to evaluate your life, your time, and realize that we all have the same exact amount of hours in a day. Being a mom full-time though it often feels like there’s not enough time. I get it. I’m in that same boat with y’all.

But are you using your time in positive ways? Is the busyness in your life moving you towards a bigger goal? I recently read something so huge and every time I feel overwhelmed and exhausted from daily life I remind myself of this quote:

“If we’re faithful with the small things, God will multiply our time.” 

Can I get an amen? So it’s time that you focus on the small areas in your life. If life is too busy, overwhelming and exhausting right now, then maybe you have to take a step back and focus more on your family, household and children. Remember your priorities:

  1. God
  2. Husband
  3. Children
  4. Business (or hobbies)

I know it’s tough juggling it all, finding time for yourself, and what you want to pursue. It’s real hard. But believe me, if you focus on the small areas, then you will find time and energy to pursue the bigger areas in your life.

I’ve learned this the hard way. I focused all my time/energy on my business and blogging and put my time for my husband aside. Not only was I hurting him, but our marriage as well. And honestly, I was stressed out, he was stressed out, and nothing happened. I felt torn and not at peace with myself. If I don’t feel peace in a certain situation I know that I have to take a step back, evaluate my life and current schedule, and make adjustments.

So now what do I do?

I wake up an hour earlier and get time with Jesus in RIGHT AWAY.

No excuses.

No distractions.

I get it done. And the day flows from there and I feel at peace about everything and guess what? The blessings have been flowing.

My business has grown. I have made new connections, met new leaders, and things are working.

It’s all about priority. What’s first in your life RIGHT NOW? Be honest with yourself. Say it. And if it’s not the right priority, then switch things up until it’s right.

I know you can do this, mama. You are a powerful woman and figuring out what’s keeping you busy and distracted will open your eyes to so much truth, but it’s good truth. Don’t fight it.

There are real good things to occupy your time with and being a mama and soaking up every second of this season definitely counts. Just this morning I had a “reality check” and a moment of remember what my real purpose is. I got up at 4:30 (yes, this is the norm). I tiptoed across the hall and opened the door to my “office”. I had 30 minutes to myself before my toddler woke up and then followed by my 5 month old. Yes, THAT early!

What did my toddler want? He asked me to cuddle him and sissy. So we crawled back in bed and snuggled. I turned my phone off, shut the door to my “office” and unplugged for a little while. Do I regret it? Nope.

I have carved out time for myself in the mornings and if it doesn’t happen, well it’s life. Whether I get the desired hour alone or 30 minutes, it’s okay. I have my priorities jotted in front of me hanging on the wall and I stick true to the order.

You matter to me, mama. I want everyone to figure out their busy, be happy with their season, and don’t overload yourself. Figure out what’s your busy and if it’s moving you forward or keeping you behind from what you can actually be doing better.

Remember: do better today than you did yesterday. 



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