Do You Live A Healthy Lifestyle?

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Maybe you drink green smoothies once or twice a day if you’re a rockstar.

Maybe you only shop at Whole Foods and don’t own sugar or anything with sugar in it.

Also, you make sure you only buy organic and never have cheat days.

In fact, you’re the picture of perfect health.

Newsflash: “If you’re using conventional skin care, shampoos, laundry detergent, and household cleaners, you are allowing crap to enter your body.”

You can fuel your body with everything healthy. But if you are soaping your head with shampoo filled with sulfates and other chemicals, then you body is toxic!

Scary, huh?

Just recently I became convicted of this. I’m an almost raw foodie kind of gal. My children consume raw green smoothies on a daily basis. I do not own sugar, flour, and/or anything processed. I make homemade meals, only buy grassfed meats, do not consume dairy, and stay away from packaged “easy-to-grab” meals.

Sounds perfect, right?


I still lather my body and skin with chemicals. Toxins are deadly. In fact, the worst household chemical we use more than once a week is laundry detergent. And get this: the chemicals then go in your dresser/closet and sit on your skin. Toxins are all around us and we are constantly exposing our bodies to these harmful chemicals.

I am definitely at fault to this. I have two small children and I am extremely conscious what I feed my kiddos. My son does not consume sugar. I also do not let him eat dairy (only raw and/or grassfed if I do). My convictions on healthy eating are very strong and I do not change my stand on keeping a clean, healthy lifestyle.

All right, so I am healthy. But you know what I do not maintain? A toxic-free, zero chemical household.

I own bathroom cleaners, kitchen counter cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, floor cleaners, and the list goes on. I also have to keep these cleaners way up high because my toddler (just like any other toddler), is very curious. But really, I hate that I even own these chemicals. I am filling my home with toxins and putting my children’s health as well as my own at risk.

So what did I do?

I took the plunge and went ahead and signed up for Young Living Essential Oils. And over the next few months I am going to literally throw away and get rid of all these chemicals. It bugs me that I am not conscious or cautious when it comes my household and personal items.

You can do all the right things such as feed your body nutritious food, get enough sleep, exercise and drink plenty of water to flush your body of toxins. BUT, if you shampoo with conventional crap, cover your pits with aluminum (yes, it’s in deodorant), and inhale all these other toxins around you and being put on you, you are harming your body.

Ouch, right?

My challenge is to move on to a healthier lifestyle in every single area of my life. I am done with conventional cleaners. If my son wants to help me wipe the table I shouldn’t have to be afraid of letting him touch the chemicals. Heck, we eat on that table!

You see what I’m saying? Enough with the hard chemicals and it’s time to make the switch and go completely 100% natural, toxin free.

I challenge you to make the switch and go on with a healthier lifestyle all around.

Say goodbye to toxins and chemicals and hello to natural, organic, and healing oils, cleaners, personal hygiene items, and what not. I promise you will feel better overall.

Check out this link and please contact me if you have more questions! Follow along with me over the next few months as I do a whole ton of “switch and ditch”.

10 thoughts on “Do You Live A Healthy Lifestyle?

  1. I have considered doing this with house cleaners and laundry detergent but have never taken the plunge! I agree we are putting toxins into our bodies. My only issue is taking more time to learn what works as far as all natural cleaners and not really wanting to go through trial and error because I’m impatient!!

    1. Oh girl, you can do it! It’s one step at a time. For the month of August I’m focusing on household cleaners, and then September will be shampoos, October will be makeup and on it goes. Are you familiar with Young Living’s reward program? I’d love to help you figure it out!

  2. I made the jump to eliminating toxic chemicals right before my son was born. I use doTerra’s OnGuard for everything! I won’t go back either. Congrats for taking the plunge! It’s horrible what is allowed in regular products…

    1. Absolutely! It’s so shocking. What got me is that I’m so healthy with my food intake but I allow every single chemical inside my body from cleaners, personal items, and laundry detergent. It’s just wrong! Excited for the change.

  3. I started using YL oils a few months ago for my allergies and acid reflux issues. I’ve been amazed at the difference they can make. I’m not in a place where I can make a total switch but I’m happy to be able to cut back on over the counter medicines and antacids for now. I also diffuse at night or rub oil on the bottom of my feet and I feel like I sleep better.
    I think it’s great you’re making the switch!

    1. Awesome Caitlin! So happy to hear this! I’m so pumped and excited. I made my own cleaner yesterday and fell in love immediately. Are you aware of the program so that you can receive your oils for free?

  4. I have come to the exact same conclusion and am on the same journey since the start of February. It is very slow going and my husband is very resistant to a lot of chemical free/zero waste/no plastic alternatives. But in the end I do all the purchasing so he can either like it or lump it. 😀 Well done for choosing this path!

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