Why Car Safety Matters First

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. 

Any mom knows and understands the importance of car safety and car shopping. In fact, car safety is a huge deal to me, mainly because I am responsible for two other lives. I do not care if the laws say 2 year olds can switch to forward facing. No, my 2 year old will ride rear facing until he reaches 40 pounds. Making sure my toddler is safe and meeting all the requirements are a big deal.

Likewise, having two children also changes car shopping. I no longer walk through the car lot thinking about me, but I keep my children in mind and also what makes driving and loading/unloading children a lot easier. For me, I like to have both car seats by the door that way I can easily put babies in their seats. I also do this for safety and caution purposes. For instance, if I had to crawl in the car and strap my baby in the middle seat it would be easy for a stranger to shove me in and kidnap us that way.

I also don’t go with the first vehicle. I shop around, do research on safety, and best vehicles for families. It is extremely important to know what you want before car shopping, especially since there are so many options and dealers who easily convince. I purchased my 2016 Nissan Pathfinder with children in mind. I already had one child and knew another child would join our family soon. A vehicle with enough cooling vents in the back as well as tinted windows, was a definite importance to me. I want to be able to breastfeed my baby in the backseat and be assured no one can peak through.

It is never a good idea to rush a purchase. You will wake up the following day regretting your rational decision. Cars.com is a huge resource and great help. If there are no cars in your area that you are looking for in particular, they will email you updates and make sure to help you out. The company also provides reviews (good and bad) and information on any vehicle you search. Cars.com is a great source to start your research. As a mom (and any mom out there), we are very picky and informed when we make a big purchase. I also like to read the reviews from others who have had firsthand experience with the vehicle I am interested in.

Being a mom I need my car to be reliable. Therefore, I need a vehicle that can drive without breaking down due to wear and tear. When I purchased my Pathfinder a big convincing matter was that the car was low on miles and just over a year old. I can rest assured that the vehicle will operate for a long while. I definitely cannot have a car breakdown on the side of the highway with two children in the backseat.

One last tip: research the heck out of any car you purchase or may purchase in the future. Car shopping and buying is a big step. It shapes your future. And having a reliable vehicle will make you and your family’s life a whole lot easier! The main point is to get the most for your money. Don’t go for something cheaper if it’s not reliable or safe. Your family’s safety comes first.

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  1. My husband and I are big thinkers too when it comes to decisions, some might say we think things through TOO much, lol. We always have to shop around and research everything, impulse buyers we are NOT. 🙂

  2. My son will be getting a new car when he graduates from college, that is about a year from now. I will let him know about cars.com. It is great to have a research on the car he intend to buy. I am happy that there such an great resource to help us choose the right vehicle to suit our needs before actually purchasing one.

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