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I am a mama to two little people. Two under two to be exact. I am all about easy, quick, yet stylish. Unfortunately I don’t have time to wash my hair on a daily basis yet alone style it. Most days I do a quick ponytail or messy bun and by the end of the day my hair is a complete mess.

Being a young mama isn’t always easy. When most my age always look put together and I can barely find matching socks, this can be frustrating. This is why I am a huge advocate for easy hair products, something this mama can do with a screaming toddler and a needy infant.

Wigs are the new trend.

Wigs and/or hair pieces make life a whole lot easier and manageable. For instance, with a wig you can simply slip it over your head and cover up the mess and no one will ever know. Or being a postpartum mama, hair loss is a real issue. It is such a relief knowing I can cover up my receding hairline and that there are options for me.

Why Wigs Are a BIG Deal?

Let’s face it. Moms don’t have time. In fact, time is a precious gem unavailable to moms. So wigs and/or hair pieces make life a whole lot easier and enjoyable. I don’t have to worry about washing my hair if I have a wig to place over my head. I can also leave the house a whole lot quicker. Women in general have a desire to look beautiful and feel glamorous, so why not mix things up a bit with your hair. I already wear my hair up every day, so adding a hair piece or putting a wig on seems like the best fit for me. 

Besides, who doesn’t like a little bit of change and glam, yet still be basic and you. Make sure to hop on over to Wigs and check around for the perfect wig that will fit your style!



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