Why I LOVE My Mom Suit and You Should Too

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It’s summer and summer means hot afternoons, sunny days, lots of watermelon and ice cream, and… swimsuits.


Moms and swimsuits go together just like toddlers and the word clean.

They just don’t.

Honestly, I hate wearing a swimsuit. This is my first summer in three years that I am swimming. I have either been pregnant (don’t like the water that first trimester) or in the postpartum stage. This summer I’m not pregnant and I’m past the icky postpartum shock. I also have a toddler so outdoor activities are a must these days! But let’s face it, there aren’t many “mom friendly” swimsuits.

I’m also a breastfeeding mama so my options are even more limited. I have to always leave the house with something that can easily turn into a “lift my shirt up and feed baby” outfit. And this of course applies for my swimsuit. As much as I’d love to wear a little two piece bikini, it’s almost impossible to breastfeed in those underwire tops. Again, the swimsuit industry doesn’t think about moms when it comes to swimsuits. I mean, who’s going to swim with a two year old if mama doesn’t?

But if anyone can rock a freaking swimsuit, it’s a mom. Why? Mom bodies are powerful, beautiful, precious souls. If we have stretch marks, who gives a crap. They are earned.

Also, the saggy boobs and overstretched skin are just beautiful reminders that shut the crap up, I birthed a child. What’s your superpower you skimpy little college girl?

Yeah so I think you should totally rock your swimsuit this year. Go out there in that one piece, two piece, the wannabe two piece (you know, the tankini), and be proud of who you are in that suit. There’s no mom shaming going on and definitely shouldn’t be. You’re a beautiful soul with a beautiful body.

But seriously, whoever designs some of these swimsuits, they need some advice from a mom who’s been around the block for a few years. I’m sorry, but my boobs just won’t fit in those tiny little pads. I’ve breastfed two babies, one I’m still breastfeeding now. I need support and a bit more coverage for these girls. Also, there’s no way my butt is going to squeeze into those tiny little thong bikini bottoms. No thanks.

I’d rather much go to the pool or beach and feel comfortable in my swimsuit. So if I’m rocking a bikini then don’t judge me. And if I’m pulling a one piece, then hey, leave me alone. Point is, I’m outside making memories with my kiddos and I will not let a silly clothing decide my mood/feelings on my body.

So shut up and get outside and enjoy these summer days! Truth is, your kids right now won’t be embarrassed by you and if they are, ask them what their superpowers are. I bet it’s not growing babies! 😉

Be proud of you mama and if anyone gives you crap, tell them to shut the heck up and get a hobby. 

Now excuse me while I put my “mom suit” on and enjoy some sun with my kids.


16 thoughts on “Why I LOVE My Mom Suit and You Should Too

  1. This is awesome, and so very true!! I’ve had such a hard time adjusting to my postpartum body, but I’m learning to embrace it and focus instead on the memories I’ll be making in the swimsuit with my little girl. 🙂 Great post!

  2. Good points. It’s all about the time you spend with your kids and the memories you are making, not what you’re wearing. Also, I’ve found we tend to be more critical of ourselves than anyone else is. No one is really sitting around judging us (usually), even if we feel like they are. Have a great summer!

  3. HA ha yep, I wear whatever I want and if people don’t like it they can cram it! Lol I’ve birthed two babies, I’m basically super woman, so I’ll wear my bikini proudly!

  4. I have a ‘mom suit’ in my dresser right now and I haven’t worn it yet. To be honest, I hate my mom body, I hate that I’m not the svelte girl that I once was. My confidence is very low now. I hope that this doesn’t stay like that, but for the meantime I just can’t appreciate the body that I have 🙁

    1. Aw Krysten! I totally hear ya girl. I know what you’re saying and where you’re coming from. I have gained a lot of my confidence back but I still have a hard time wearing a swimsuit. I’d rather much cover up and ignore the problem areas on my body. I went to the pool for the first time this season last week and only had my maternity top on hand and some baggy board shorts. I wore it. I felt unattractive and out of place. But my friend reassured me that it’s more important to feel comfortable than uncomfortable. So if wearing shorts and a tank are what make you feel great at the pool, then do it!

  5. Yeah girl!!! Love the mom suit. My kids LOOOOOVE the water, and we’re in suits almost on the daily. Being in them often doesn’t make me more comfortable, but deciding to not care and enjoy my family anyway is important. Great post!

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