So you know how your mama taught you good manners, such as don’t take from other people without asking first. Oh and also don’t assume something until you know for certain. These are common courtesies and just make sense. Well, let’s face it. How many times has someone offered something to your child without asking you about it first and then when you see it happen a HUGE part of your mama heart burns.

Freaking leave my child alone.

Not only does this upset you but it also interprets that maybe I don’t mother right. Maybe I’m too strict. Maybe I don’t know how to do this whole mother thing. No, no, no. People, stop getting in the way with a mother’s rules and logic. She has her reasons. Trust her with HER children. You have no place, authority, or position to influence her children without asking first.

Again: “You have no place, authority, or position to influence her children without asking first.

Because good gosh, for all you know that child could have serious food allergies and because of your ignorance you might have just caused some sort of reaction now. Gee gosh, thanks you ignorant I don’t give a crap person.

Yeah, I may sound a bit brutal and harsh on this whole subject but hear me out. I freaking hate it when people give me crap for not giving my son crap. I mean, hello I don’t give a crap about your crap.

Sorry, not sorry.

Seriously, I don’t get it. I don’t understand why strangers or even family members have to intrude in your business and how you raise your child and sneak food behind your back. I have my reasons why my son is dairy free. I also have my reasons why I don’t give him sweets/candy. Call me crazy strict mama or whatever the heck you want to say, but I don’t care.

It’s already so crazy easy for a mama to feel overwhelmed and as if she’s doing the wrong thing. Why go behind her back and offer something to her child that could be harmful?

Stay away

So I don’t care who you are. I don’t care if you are the grandparent, best friend, brother/sister, aunt/uncle, cousin, or any other relative. If you aren’t the parent–let me say that again. IF YOU ARE NOT THE PARENT, then you don’t have any right to give the child anything, without confronting the parents first. This especially goes for children who cannot communicate for themselves yet.

Y’all, this irks me so much. I try and raise my children with healthy habits and also explain to them the why’s behind certain habits. But then I go on a vacation and yes, I am more lenient and I’m okay with that, however I still would appreciate if family members would ask me first instead of trying to gang up on me and portray to my children that I’m some sort of bad parent. Like hello, I pushed out this child so I think I have the right to control what goes in my child’s mouth.

And I don’t know, maybe this is only an issue that really bugs me, but I’m sick and tired of strangers/family doing this behind my back. Is it really all that hard to say, “hey, can he/she have a piece of this?” I mean, we’re not all here to gang up on each other are we?!

You raise your child, I raise mine

Again, I fully 100% respect your decisions and trust that you know exactly what you are doing as a parent. And if I have an issue with something I will tell you in private, not in front of your child or anywhere near for your child to hear.

Not only does it irk me when others try and offer my son food that we don’t eat in this household, it annoys the heck out of me when my child can clearly see I’m around and because he’s so young, he doesn’t quite fully understand yet but he does know that mommy didn’t give it to him so wait, mommy has to first approve but he’s also trying to be polite. So stop causing unnecessary conflict and confusion for my child.

Do you and I do me


That’s all I ask of you. Don’t assume.

Don’t sneak behind my back.

And leave my child alone when it comes to these things.

I have my reasons, much like you do.

I’m the parent so I 100% have every right to make the rules. So what, I decided to keep my children away from sodas and fast food. It’s just my personal conviction.



You do you.

I do me.

End of story.

I know it’s Tough, Mama.

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