Yes, it’s real. There are really five things I don’t like about this motherhood journey. And crap, is it even okay for me to make that statement? I mean, I know I shouldn’t complain but come on, let’s be real here. Every single mother has something that just irks her.

Before I list my “things”, I want to make my point clear. I love being a mom. But just like any other mom out in this crazy big world, motherhood is hard and it’s so easy to feel lost, exhausted, and overwhelmed. It’s unbelievably easy to forget who you were before mama and also hate the person you’ve become. Not the mama you are, but the woman who is freaking tired and can’t even stand staring at her face in the mirror (read up on finding you here).

Ready for some sympathy because you’ll definitely get it from this mama!

Five Things I Don’t Like About Motherhood: 

1. Wrinkles!

Y’all. The wrinkles are FOR REAL. Also am I the only one with dark circles under her eyes and bags that bulge every time I smile? Ugh. I never dealt with this before and then my son was born and it’s like I all of a sudden developed forehead wrinkles, chin wrinkles, under eye wrinkles…

2. Time Flies

Now that I have two children time flies even faster. I can always tell the months have flown by when a pair of pants are too small for my son or when his shoes are too tight. Like seriously, where did the time go? My heart tugs a little because I don’t want my babies to grow up! I want them to stay littles forever and always!

3. Judgement

Because let’s be real. Moms get a lot of it. Oh and they also get a ton of criticism and pressure. There’s literally 99 different ways to raise a child, but some people feel so right that they have to share their opinion with a tired mama who’s trying her best. If you’re that person giving your two thoughts to another mom, stop. and shut up next time.

4. Pressure

Did y’all know there is pressure in the mom life? Aha, yes there is! I mean, there’s pressure whether or not you got out of bed before 8am or if you even showered today or if you just managed to put dinner in the microwave. Who gives a freaking crap! Seriously. Moms stay up most of the night dealing with babies and then can hardly sneak away for more than 5 minutes at a time without the house falling apart. Give a mom some slack. Give yourself some slack.

For reals.

5. Faking It All

So this one is huge! There are so many moms who “fake it” just to get by and this has got to stop! First of all, no one has to fake anything. If you feel like crying your eyes out and sobbing like a baby, DO IT. And if you can’t do more than put your hair up and hide the 7 day old greasy hair with a cute headband, DO IT. You are mom enough and you don’t have to hide that you got it all together. Heck, I fall apart most days. We’re only humans.


If there’s only one thing you take away from this post let it be: discovering who you are as a mom and not letting others define you! 

I’m sure each one of you have experienced the cry your eyes out mommy days and the ‘flying on cloud nine’ mommy days. There will be up days and down days. And don’t ever feel guilty for having not so good days and not liking every aspect of motherhood. It’s tough ladies. It’s hard feeling like your world is upside down somedays and swallowing you.

Let’s face it, motherhood is that journey full of tears, laughter, smiles, confusion, messiness, imperfection, and full of crazy love!

What certain things do you dislike about motherhood?

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