First things first: stop creating a todo list for everyday.

I just had my second a few weeks ago. And oh boy, adding another little human being to the bunch definitely spices things up a bit. There’s so much going on every single second of every single day. Sometimes I have to take a really deep long breath and tell myself this won’t last forever.

Newsflash: I can’t keep up with everything! I let go of so much in the last few weeks and honestly, I’m getting used to it. The huge pile of laundry is still in the guest bedroom (that’s why those rooms exist, right?). Amen. Oh and there are literally thousands of toys all over the living room floor right now and I don’t give a crap. Also, there are a ton of finger prints on all the doors in this house. But I give up.

It’s really okay to give up.

It’s okay to feel like you can’t keep up and do it all. You don’t need to be boss at everything. Somethings will just have to wait. Right now in this season of my life I’ve decided to just give up. I’ve come to the conclusion that whoever randomly rings the doorbell tomorrow will have to be okay with my crazy life and messy house.

But I’m determined to keep up with my children. I’m their main source of love, attention, and time right now. I want to minister love, joy, selflessness, and caring in their life. My heart belongs to them. The floors will get mopped…not right now but eventually. But my son won’t need me to push him in the swing in six years from now. He won’t need me to rock him to sleep at night. And my daughter won’t need me to be everything for her in a few years down the road. I love hearing “mama” everyday. When there’s a quiet moment and it’s interrupted with “mama” I love it. I’m wanted, needed, and adored by my little humans. They think the world of me and I want to treasure these unique and short-lived moments.

These are memories, mamas. This is real-life. It’s called motherhood.

So give up something today. You need to figure out what’s most important and what can wait. No one can do this for you. Todo lists are wonderful. But they are also evil. They require too much attention and too much pressure. Sure, accomplishing tasks throughout your day is important, but for the sake of you and your children determine what can wait for another day.

And remember: it’s okay to give up. But don’t give up on mama life and raising those beautiful babes. They grow up. Eventually they will leave. Someday you will ask yourself this one question: what did I give up to spend more time with my children?

Motherhood is challenging. And finding time for your whole life and agenda is even more challenging. But don’t give up on that. Give up on the least important thing for right now. And focus on what matters to you most. Memories, living in the moment, and loving a little more everyday are my priorities.



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