Life has been busy!

Three weeks ago we welcomed a little girl into this world. Olivia Marie! We are in love with her.

In addition to giving birth, my laptop broke two days before her arrival. So life has been crazy but it’s finally coming back to normal.

How have I been adjusting to two under two?

Honestly, there are supermom moments and crazy tough failure mom moments. Sometimes I feel on top of the world and other times I feel like I’m gong to fall apart and can’t keep up with all the housework.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned in the past two weeks it’s that I cannot expect a clean house anymore. I can’t keep up with all the loads of laundry, the crumbs on the floor, the fingerprints on the doors and windows. It all has to wait for another time. Right now I have to focus on my babies. They don’t care if the house is a wreck. I might stare at the mess, the dirty floors, and the water stains on the coffee table, but my two littles won’t remember any of this.

Instead, I rest assured that the mess will be around tomorrow and the next day. What doesn’t get done today will wait for tomorrow. I’m learning it’s okay.

I’m also learning to love more and worry less. My one year old has his days. He has his moments. There have been many tears. It often breaks my heart to see him have a meltdown when I’m nursing his sister. I want to run over and help him deal with his sadness. But I also learned that there are certain things more important in the moment. For instance, a screaming hungry newborn needs my attention first, but a toddler who scraped his knee or fell down from the top of the slide (don’t judge), needs me first.

Two babies is wonderful. I feel honored to be a mama to two sweet babes. We adjust everyday. We’re learning to deal with the chaos, the emotional up and down, and being a family of four.

Being a mama is an amazing experience. Motherhood is a full time job. And being a mama to multiples also means sharing my time, love, and enjoying the moments I have each and every day. Because the day goes by so quickly. My little girl is already three weeks old and my son is a year and a half. Motherhood really shows how fast time flies.

Life is a gift

It is a treasure and an adventure that requires a lot of patience, strength, growing, and endurance. Raising tiny humans is exhausting. But looking at it through the perspective of ministering to these little people changes everything.

The days are long…the years are short!

My heart is full. I get to experience every single day with these sweet blessings. Right now the days feel long but the years are short. I’m going to take each day as it comes and enjoy the ups and appreciate the downs. In a few short years from now the craziness will be a blur. If we only ate crackers for dinner and the dishes didn’t get done but I read more stories to my babes, blew more bubbles, jumped in puddles, and played hide and go seek, then it’s a true success.


  • I want my children to go to bed every night knowing that mama loves them.
  • I won’t get this day back.
  • I won’t get today’s cuddles back.


And yes, I’m often frustrated by the end of every day and look forward to bedtime. But the instant my son snuggles in my arms and falls asleep, I forget all the struggles, tantrums, and tears of the day. Today was a gift.

These little humans are God’s greatest gift to me. But oftentimes by the time I reach the end of the day, I’m ready for mama time. I look forward to chill time and no little hands pulling at my legs. Yet the moment my head hits the pillow I start to think, “did I love them enough and did I do enough for them today?”

There is so much mom guilt and I contribute it to wanting the very best for my babies. If I only succeed by  doing one good thing all day long I hope I loved my babies enough.

Because tomorrow is gone and today is only a gift.

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