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I never used to be a coupon kind of girl, mainly because of the time involved and having to look for stores that accept coupons. But then I married and had my first child and coupling suddenly sounded like a much smarter plan when it comes to shopping and saving money. And then I discovered Groupon Coupons and a whole other side to couponing became available to me. I used to wait for the coupon to come in the mail before hitting my favorite store, but now I don’t have to wait to shop at Target. Groupon Coupon has a gazillion of coupons for Target.

Why I love Groupon Coupons?

The deals are unbelievable and the coupons are super convenient and with just the touch of your mobile device in the store. How cool and easy is that?!

My favorite coupon deal comes from Expedia. I fly an average of six times a year and Groupon Coupon even has killer deals for flights. Name the brand or store and Groupon Coupon has it!

Below is a list of some of my (maybe a few of yours too) favorite stores to shop at with great deals on Groupon Coupons:


  • Cheapoair
  • Target
  • Victoria’s Secret (let’s be real ladies, this one is amazing!)
  • Payless
  • Home Depot (of course for the hubby)
  • Costco
  • Starbucks
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Old Navy

Saving Money at its Finest

I absolutely love the variety of coupons and stores available to me through Groupon Coupon. Just picture the store you want to shop at and Groupon has the deals for you! Besides, who doesn’t like the idea of saving money? It sounds like a win-win to me. Make sure to hop on over to their site to find Promo Codes and deals readily accessible for you right on your mobile device.

How has Groupon Coupon saved you money? 

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