Hey Ladies! I have a post for you from an awesome mommy blogger, Lyndsey She writes exactly where my heart is on this issue and I’m so glad she spoke out on this topic! Please read the post below and leave her your thoughts. 

So many of us live and die but the number that we see on that little box.  It gives us anxiety, we become obsessed with it.  Why have we let this number, this little, meaningless number, dictate our happiness, and worth?  I used to weigh myself everyday.  I remember being pregnant and knowing that I would have to be weighed in each time I went to the doctor.  As a result, I strategically planned my “lightest” outfit for my doctor days.  No boots for me, no heavy jewelry.  I was obsessed and it wasn’t good.

Things didn’t get much better after I had my daughter.  Although I started to see the number go down, I started to become obsessed with that too.  And when it wasn’t moving in the direction that I wanted to, I would abandon my weight training thinking that it was making me gain to much weight.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

What I’ve learned throughout my fitness journey is that weight is nothing more than a number (that really means nothing!)  It adds an unnecessary layer of stress that we just don’t need in our lives!!  So about 4 months ago, I ditched the scale.  I couldn’t be happier.  I know when I need to focus more on my nutrition.  When my pants are tighter or when burpees become a little harder than I like, then I know its time to dial in my nutrition and step up my workouts.  We don’t have to be defined by the number on the scale.

In case my story hasn’t yet convinced you to ditch the scale, here are my top 3 reasons why the scale has got to go!

1. Hitting your goal weight can be done, but maintaining it is an exercise in futility.

What happens when you hit your goal weight?  Well a lot of women celebrate.  But what happens the next day when its higher?  We feel guilty or bad about ourselves, even if its only a pound!  And what happens when its too low?  We give ourselves some slack, pick some not-so-nutritious food, or maybe skip or favorite workouts because we have some wiggle room.  Neither of these options are optimal for long-term health and lifestyle changes.

2. Weight is an antiquated measure of health

Did you ever see that photo of all of the different women who weight 145 pounds?  There are so many shapes and sizes that make up this number.  Some women have more muscle mass or are taller and will inherently weigh more!  You can be a very unhealthy woman at a “low” weight!

3. There are a lot more important things to celebrate.

Life is short, and life is beautiful and there are so many more things to celebrate!  With my fitness accountability partners, we like to call them “non-scale” victories.  When one of us hits these, we celebrate!  Maybe its heavier weights, dropping a pants size, walking up a flight of stairs, or going that extra minute but we are celebrating these measures of STRENGTH, not of meaningless numbers.


Thanks for sharing your insight on this super relatable topic for almost every single woman, Lyndsey.



Author BIO: I am a health & fitness coach and operate a fitness blog www.mommafitlyndsey.com.  I have been on my personal health & wellness journey for the past 20 months and have coached countless people to lose weight and begin a health & wellness regimen.










What are some ways you celebrate when hitting a huge weight goal?

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