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Marriage has its ups and downs….

They usually equal out (or, if they don’t, an evaluation is needed) but sometimes it can get hard surviving through the tough patches. Or, rather, the really annoying ones

Everyone has their quirks, but generally speaking, most of time you won’t discover the really bad ones until after you’re married. But the key to any lasting relationship is learning to deal with the annoyances, and working past them. A sense of humor doesn’t hurt, either. Which leads us to Puppy Pads.

Worst pet peeve…

Now, I won’t go in-depth on each one, but the biggest thing? Pee. Pee puddles outside the bowl. Pee dripping down the bowl. The bathroom having a slight pee-smell. How a man can hit a clay pigeon on a berm, at 500 yards, without a scope – but can never get it all in the bowl, I’ll never know. But he is that man.

Now, there’s several ways you can go about handling these little quirks that might get on your nerves. First approach…

  • Talk It Out

Take a moment to first talk with your spouse about what’s sending you into a silent rage, making you want to smother them in their sleep (ahh…I mean…bothering you). Be Nice – But Be Clear. “Honey, can you make sure you actually pee in the toilet, because I’m having to clean twice as much as I should to keep up with you. And it’s really frustrating me, because I feel like if I used the appropriate amount of bleach for such a job, it would just create poison mustard gas from the ammonia you’re leaving behind.” If you add an “I Love You” at the end, it sounds less nagging.

And if they continue…

Breathe. Remember, habits die-hard. Everyone needs time to readjust their behavior, and they won’t notice it as much as you will (because it’s annoying you). So another approach…

  • Leave Little Reminders

Says they will clean out a garage, but it’s been a week? Leave a note on the door. Keeps dirty socks by the front door? Put a bright sticky on the wall where they normally fall. My situation? Yep. I put a sticky-note right on that toilet seat lid. No shame. Also, no results…

Now, if push comes to shove when it comes to messiness, you can get a little drastic…

  • Stop cleaning

Yes, you can stop. If you’re tired of being the only one to do laundry, let it pile up. Someone else’s stuff all over the breakfast bar? Don’t organize it for them. They’ll get the hint that they need to pitch in more, especially if it involves their belongings. In my particular case? Luckily, we have two bathrooms. So for a week, I didn’t bother to clean his. So I wouldn’t recommend this if you both have to share a space, but if you’re able to, you can least free your mind of it for a bit.

But alas, even that didn’t work with Mr. Pee-Pee Puddle. So, at my wits end, when I saw a golden opportunity, I took it. Which brings us to…

Have A Sense Of Humor About It

Daring husband sends a text to find out what we need from the store. My response? “Puppy Pads.”

That got an immediate phone call! “What are those?” I then had to explain what those little paper things were that you put down on the floor to catch doggy accidents. “Why do we need those?”

Um, lets see…. because someone keeps making a mess!

It caught him off-guard, but it was funny. And we haven’t had a mess in the bathroom since. When all else fails remember-marriage isn’t about “fixing someone.” It’s working through all those little annoying habits, and learning to live together.

So while for the moment I haven’t had to antibacterial bomb the bathroom, it’ll probably start back up again. But you know what? He’s a good husband. And if the worst I have to deal with are messy bathroom floors, or socks in the doorway, or clutter…then I’m pretty lucky. Plus, I’m sure I have habits that annoy the crap out of him too, but let’s face it-so does everyone else.


Thanks for sharing a marriage story (which is reality for most wives) and sharing your thoughts and lesson learned on this subject Jasmine!

Author BIO: Jasmine is a married SAHM of one small boy. She is an avid lover of wine & Netflix, who lives in Georgia, and enjoys writing in what little time she has.

Follow Jasmine’s life on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Also be sure to check out her blog LoveLifeLaughMotherhood  for more inspiring marriage stories! 🙂

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