So let’s talk about the “f” word because I know it scares, intimidates, and angers many people. Rightfully so, especially at the sight of the word and what it actually means. But what’s the real reason? Maybe you’ve been told you’d never do well at it or you’re too scared to give it a shot.

I bet you’re really curious with my choice of word. Fine, I’ll break it to you. The “f” word here simply refers to fitness.


Yeah, you know, that foreign word that gives you the goosies because you just can’t get in the routine or swing of keeping up a good workout regimen. Or you’re too worried what others will think about you.

Let’s face it mamas, fitness is part of life. It needs to become part of yours too. There is no way to sugarcoat it because being healthy is a huge ordeal. I understand that staying fit and actually working out comes easier for some and a lot of this has to do with your upbringing or your motivations. However,
I need you to understand something very important.

It is never too late to begin an exercise routine. You don’t have to run six miles a day or spend two hours at the gym. Those are unrealistic goals, especially for the beginner and busy momma.
I’m going to introduce you to three simple changes you can introduce to your everyday life. Ready? Don’t hate me. I promise I’m helping you out and you will love me for being possibly rude and real with you.

Fitness Rule #1: Squat. Everyday.

This is a great routine to begin with. Squatting builds the booty muscles and overtime it’ll lift the saggy butt that happens during pregnancy (just like every other bodily change). Besides, who doesn’t want a JLo butt. Even if you start out with 10 squats a day for the first week and then increase it by 10 for the second week and adding 10 each week. There are also great ideas on Pinterest and squat challenges to follow.

 Fitness Rule #2: Burpees.

This is an old routine that has been around forever but it works. It sucks, let me just say it. Obviously if you’ve never done a burpee before, I definitely want you to modify this exercise. Youtube has many variations you can perform as a beginner. If this is a regular one for you, then I expect no less from you but to kick it hard. This routine gets your heart pumping and it works multiple muscle groups (abs, legs, shoulders). So get burpin’ ladies!

Fitness Rule #3. Pushups.

And yes, of course we’re going full on military style here. It’s not a good day without some old fashioned pushups. Again, beginners you are 100% allowed to do the pushup on your knees but veterans, I expect some intensity here. Push yourself. You won’t regret it.


I know this sounds tough. And I know some of these moves (or maybe all three) sound impossible for you. I don’t want you to lose hope and give up just because you tried once. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Failure comes first, but not giving up is key. Even if you start super crazy basic, who cares. The point is you’re trying and you’re a winner for doing that. There is no loser.

I believe in you. I know you have it in you. The goal is to hit as many repetitions in each move as possible (until failure). But if you have to start with 5, there is no shame in that. You’re trying and I love you for that!

I always tell you that you’re strong and beautiful. Don’t doubt yourself and what you’re capable of. You can do anything you set your mind to.

So I have a free download for you today. Juste enter your name and email address below and you can have this free handout right away. I think you will benefit from it as it’ll remind you exactly what to do! 🙂

I love you mamas.

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