It’s the New Year ladies! And guess what? I still haven’t figured out how to get everything done in one day! It’s killing me. Like for reals. Today and every day.

I mean, come on. The thing I wanted most this Christmas was an extra hour in my day. But Christmas is over and my wish didn’t come true.

Okay, okay, I know, this sounds ridiculously silly because obviously if it were THAT simple to gain an extra hour everyday in 2017, we’d all jump on that wagon. But instead I am still stuck with the 24 hours. So I came up with a simple rule. Before I get mad I remember that there is always tomorrow. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll proceed to say, “But I already know tomorrow will be a failure too.”

YIKES! It’s so freakin’ true. So if today didn’t let you down, then tomorrow most definitely will, right? Um, sorry, but it doesn’t work like that and here’s why.

Today is TODAY, not tomorrow!

Life is and can be cruel. Add motherhood to that mixture and KABOOM, you’re in for a treat. But remember this, just because today had a gazillion rough edges, cranky toddlers, crushed graham crackers on the bottom of your feet, and stinky diapers, tomorrow comes with something new.

A fresh new page to write on!

So whatever crapΒ  happened yesterday it’s over today. Repeat after me: NADA. All gone. Over with. If you have to write “NEW BEGINNINGS” on white paper, go for it. And if you have to do this every single crappin’ day, go for it! I promise, this does not make you nutty.

Shout hurray for today!

Hold you tongue before you call me psychotic, I have a good point. Today is a gift. Starting off your day with a positive attitude will change your perspective on life. Speaking positive words has an even greater impact. And when you hear yourself say the positivity, there’s no way to hop back on the negativity train.

But really, today does suck!

Totally okay. No two days are the same. It’s okay to dig into the chocolate ice cream and stuff your face with reese’s cups. Sometimes you need to cry but don’t let your tears down tomorrow’s good mood.


Days come in different shapes and sizes. Allow yourself a break or two and space to breathe if it doesn’t go well or as planned. Honestly though, motherhood is never ordinary. Motherhood brings the most extraordinary, out of plan, crazy, unprepared kind of days. And it’s totally normal to not get a chance and sweep up yesterday’s (or five days ago) crushed crackers, or forget to change the load of laundry over to the dryer AGAIN!

Mamas, life is crummy and tough. But don’t get lost in the crumbs, tomorrow will be better!

Kill today.

Win tomorrow.

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