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Okay hold up, the New Year is almost here. You know what that means? The gym will start to fill up and everyone you know will tell you that they are working on their fitness goals and they will stick to it this time around. Or all of us bloggers may want to focus more on blogging, gaining more followers, create a newsletter/email list, whatever it is, we all have something we want to do this next year. And we want to do better than last year.

But I’m here to tell you that New Year resolutions suck. They are a waste of your time, effort, and you’ll just fail again much like you did last year and the year before that. Way to be a resolution killer, huh? Honestly ladies, if you have to make a resolution in order to stick with it and a promise to basically not give up and throw your resolution in the air, then it won’t happen. Habits happen when you go cold turkey on something.

This is why I hate New Year resolutions:

Reason #1

They never work.

Reason #2

Resolutions make you feel like a complete failure.

Reason #3

Resolutions are a way of telling you that you suck because you will forget no later than March and somehow remember December 31st again.

So what do I have to offer to you instead?

Why not create a list of areas you want to improve in your character. Still not with me? Okay, so remember how I always say that mommies are way too hard on themselves. Truth is, this next year I’m going to stop with the negativity and stop with telling myself I don’t do enough.

Moms, hear me out. We do plenty. We are freaking rockstars who mommy all day long, all night long. We are chefs and maids. We also own a laundry mat. Oh and we are comedians for little humans. But don’t forget, after doing that all day long, we still have to hang in there for another extra hour and turn the mommy mode into hot wifey.

Those are a lot of expectations and it’s 100% okay to feel absolutely worn out. A worn out momma also beats herself up so it’s time that stops.

If you decide to give up on the resolutions before even starting, make sure you do one thing every day. I challenge you on January 1st, 2017 to hang up the free download at the end of this post.

Tape that pretty paper somewhere you go on a daily basis in the house so you can make sure you don’t miss those three true words. The next time you feel incompatible, fearful, or doubtful, you are valued and everything you do has meaning and purpose.


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