Last week I went to the salon and got my hair cut and styled, because hello, who doesn’t like their hair styled by someone professional? I literally sit in the chair, enjoy a nice conversation, and let my lady do my hair. The second I get off that chair I feel like a thousand bucks and can say I feel confident about me. Silly huh? But styled hair really makes me feel beautiful. I guess we all have our thing.

Once I’m home and I’m so excited to see my one year old. Crazy thing isn’t? We beg for time away from these little human beings but five minutes down the road with an empty carseat and we’re already begging to see those little people again. Okay so I kneel down so my one year old can run into my arms but instead he runs and hides, hoping the walls will swallow him up.


This is a BIG DEAL! At first I laughed and told him momma went away to have mommy time. Of course make a one year old understand they aren’t allowed to go everywhere you are. He wanted to believe I was the same mommy, but he was confused and thrown off with my styled hair. He’s used to seeing my hair always up. Obviously I don’t look that different. But to my son, I was someone way different. I put my hair back up and he gladly invited me to play with him.

stop-1829082_1920Mamas, our children don’t see us with the same eyes we see ourselves. Yes it’s perfectly normal to want to spend time on yourself and you totally should. But stop with all the critics. Your inner critic is your biggest enemy and it’s time you knock her down and tell her who the real boss is. Your children see you as beautiful. They picture you strong. And you are. It’s time you start to look at yourself through the eyes of your children. They don’t lie. The saying goes, “Out of the mouth of babes the truth speaks.”

Children don’t lie.

Truth #1

Mamas are too harsh on themselves.

You know how I know this is true? I’m a mama. I criticize and judge myself way too many times throughout the day. I don’t give myself nearly enough credit. I talk down on myself. I tell myself I’m not a good enough mommy. In fact, I make myself believe I don’t do enough and so I make myself work harder and relax little.

This is a mom war within my mind. But instead the truth is my son sees me as the perfect mommy for him. He doesn’t care if it’s 7pm and I’m not showered. He only cares about having a happy mommy. A mommy who is less concerned about the tasks that haven’t gotten done and more concerned about making time for her children. I want to be a mommy who is less focused on what she thinks about herself and more focused on what my son sees.

Truth #2

You are hurting yourself with the expectations you set for yourself.

Let’s face it. My expectations for myself are freaking unrealistic. I have such a long to-do list and things I must get done throughout my day and it’s nearly impossible. But instead of being okay with carrying tasks over into tomorrow, I stay up late just to get it done.


I’m not against goals or to-do lists, I’m against creating these expectations that will not get done and then driving yourself crazy over it. There’s tomorrow. Oh and there’s also the day after tomorrow.

Truth #3

Do you speak positivity and life into your soul?

It is extremely important to cut off the negativity and judgement and speak words that you would speak to your children. I tell my son multiple times throughout the day that he is blessed, love, special, healthy, and important. But I fail to give myself that same pep talk.


Mamas, we are too rough on ourselves. It’s time we let go and see ourselves through the eyes of our children. I bet they think of you as amwoman-591576_1920azing, gorgeous, and strong. Why not ask them what they think about you. I bet it will put a smile on your face!

You’re freaking beautiful. Believe it.

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