Three months ago I sent my husband an email. I really didn’t want to send him an email with THIS kind of news, especially since it was HUGE news but because he is deployed, I didn’t have any other options. And so I took a picture and sent him the attachment in an email, hoping he would get it soon but also knowing the ship was somewhere across the ocean on the other side of the world. Sure enough he received the news within a matter of hours and could barely keep the joy to himself!



That happened right before deployment and pretty much blew my mind since I didn’t find out 4 weeks after he left! I had a feeling (I think all second time moms can relate to this) but I wanted to wait to take the test until after my son’s first birthday. Sure enough, within 30 seconds that test result came back positive. img_7262


And so baby number 2 will arrive in February 2017! How many other mamas have had two under two? Did you lose your mind at all? We’re pretty excited, especially to add a girl to the family!

Great Family Activities

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