It is so easy to freak out, stress out, go crazy, and absolutely lose your mind when that baby or toddler screams. As a side note, a screaming baby is nothing compared to a screaming toddler because 99.9% of the time a toddler’s scream means there’s a full-blown tantrum going on and there’s nothing more real than a tantrum. So when the toddler screams, when dinner burns, when grandma calls and wants to talk for four hours about what to bring to church potluck, and hubby walks in the house super exhausted from a long day, choose to smile. Be an Imperfect Mama with the perfect joy!-10Because did you know it takes more muscles to frown than to smile and one smile can change someone’s day. So the next time you are tempted to throw the towel, lock yourself in your bedroom closet, and hide from the toddler who is so little but often has so much attitude and control, take a deep breath and smile a big mommy smile.

Mama, you are the joy your family needs to stay alive and well today, tomorrow, and every day. A happy mama is a happy family.

It Killed Me

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