This is NOT My Fault!

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IMG_15621My child developed impetigo. Y’all, I pretty much have been running around like a crazy mad person going insane on so many different levels. Oh my word. First of all, I was super frustrated hearing that he contacted this icky staph infection and definitely went ahead and blamed myself for maybe not watching him closely enough or not washing his hands soon enough. I don’t know. I had a few seconds of a melt down and then got myself together and told myself, THIS IS NOT MY FAULT.

I can’t keep my two eyes on my child every single second of every single day. Things happen mamas and it’s okay. There will be times in your life where you will have to let go and tell yourself that you didn’t have any control over that situation. It’s so easy to bury yourself with pity and criticism saying you’re a terrible mom. Because to be honest, moms are the worst critics when it comes to their personal lives and they never allow enough slack. Let me say this loud and clear, with honesty but also with a little bit of a stab that hopefully stays in your mama brain. You cannot do everything in a perfect way and you cannot be a super mama all the time. Be an Imperfect Mama with the perfect joy!-2You’re going to fail. Whoa, I said that. You’re also going to make mistakes and have bad days or bad weeks, possibly even bad months. This is life. When the doctor told me he had a staph infection and it’s highly contagious, I immediately asked myself, “What did I do wrong?” And then he was prescribed two kinds of antibiotics and he’s never been on an antibiotic. I’ve tried my best for the past 13 months to kBe an Imperfect Mama with the perfect joy!-3eep him med free and raised on a super healthy diet. But you know what? This is life. Crap happens. I accepted it and started him on the meds and today is day two. It’s been stressful, but we’re making headway in a good way.



So if you need a little boost today and a word of encouragement, just know you’re doing an amazing job. You are a good mom. Whatever the situation is, don’t blame yourself. Pray through it, speak blessing, and move on.

There is always a new day tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “This is NOT My Fault!

  1. Great post! It’s hard not to think that every negative thing that happens is a reflection of your parenting but it’s definitely not. Kids get sick. Kids get hurt. It happens. Good luck getting through it!

  2. This is a good reminder for moms to know that they’re doing the best they can. You are a good mama and we need to give ourselves a little more grace.

  3. Aww your poor sweet little baby, but seriously you’re so right. This stuff happens, you just can’t prevent every germ! glad you turned this into a moment to lift up other mamas!

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