Because sometimes you wake up super early with an unbelievable amount of energy and motivation to get a whole lot done. So you put on your workout shoes, your workout shorts and t-shirt and feel like a boss mom. And then your kid wakes up, a whole hour earlier. He wakes up with crazy surmountable energy and you know you have to do something because he will tear the entire house apart, empty all of the kitchen cabinets, and drive you bananas if you don’t get out. So all those plans, those expectations, those dreams, and hopes of getting life done, kind of goes out of the window and your attention is directed back at your child, just like every other single second of the day.

Be an Imperfect Mama with the perfect joy!This is mom life, y’all. You can have all of the mental plans in the world, but there is a little human being or maybe beings, who control your schedule every single day. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom job. It is by far the best job I have ever had. But there are some days when I imagine what it would be like to have a whole day to myself, getting all of my tasks done, cooking the perfect meal, having a perfectly clean house, and my makeup all did and done without a single strand of frizzy hair sticking out from the top of my head. Mamas, that all sounds lovely and perfect, but let’s put the brakes on. Life isn’t perfect. Motherhood isn’t perfect. We aren’t perfect mamas. You aren’t a rainbow, a unicorn, or a skittle. You are a mama trying to fight through the everyday mess with a smile on, serving your family in the absolute perfect way. Your intentions are perfect and that’s the most important aspect.

Next time your mind beats you down with everything you haven’t done, the messes in the laundry room, the water splashed stained mirror in the bathroom, the handprinted front glass door, the dirty breakfast dishes, and the dusty mantle, remember your joys every day. The messy bathroom reminds you there are people in your life, the dirty dishes tell you there is food for every meal, the unfolded covers mean you have little ones to tuck in every night, the dusty floor says there are tiny feet that belong to tiny people you are raising, and the toys scattered everywhere give you a message that you are a mama.

Count your blessings at the start of every morning and the end of every night. Because there is always someone else who envies your life and wishes they had what you had. In all the little messes don’t forget how big your blessed. And imperfect mamas are the best kind. 🙂


Happy Friday mamas.

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