photo_0161521646siawmdI don’t know about you, but I find such crazy hope, trust in Jesus. The past few days have been far from perfect. My son has had many, many meltdowns. I’ve tried to stay cool for most of them, but had to walk away a couple of times. Yet through all of this mess I find myself completely restful, calm, gentle, and patient. I know for a fact that this is CHRIST in me. I could not do half of the things I’m doing right now in my life if it weren’t for my Savior holding my hand and guiding me through all of it.

So just a few days ago I dug my nose in bible and came across strong encouraging verses and immediately knew these verses would help me, guide me, strengthen me, and lift me up on my loneliest, darkest days. And so I decided to use the wall behind the stove as my “prayer wall”. I cook every day. I often stand in front of the stove for minutes stirring a pan of veggies or scrambling eggs. I figured I might as well feed my mind with the word constantly. If I walk away from the encouraging Word God has given me, I immediately feel attacked, discouraged, and overtaken by the enemy. But in the NAME of Jesus we are commanded to fight against the devil with prayer and that is what I have been doing. I shout out loud and tell him to get the heck out of here. He has no place in this house, in me, or in any of my family members. He just tries to sneak his way through and kill and destroy that joy and peace I have.

And who knows what my prayer wall will look like next year when my husband returns. Right now I have three notes taped to the wall. And it’s real interesting to see what season I am in right now because the verses are on faith and not fear. Trust and not worry. Rest and not anxiety. I’m excited to see how the Lord will move with this.

How have you been encouraged in tough seasons/days?

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