Summer is here! Well, at least in Florida it is. I had a beach date with my 10 month old this morning and oh my gosh, the weather was perfect. It has been perfect all week long and funny, but when that sun shines and when the temperatures rise well into the 90s, my spirit is happy and I don’t have a hard time keeping a bright smile on. But with summer comes swimsuits and tiny shorts. And I don’t know about you, but just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I can’t wear little shorts. Heck, if I have the butt why not.

Grab your water bottle, your tennis shoes, and a bad attitude to do this kick butt work out.

30 side lunges with leg raise (go into a side lunch and lift your leg for extra leg shaping muscles!)

15 step-ups with dumbbell/ea. leg

30 wide squats (I always squat!)

15 pile squats

30 squat jumps

15 fire hydrants ea. leg (google this one. It’s a killer!)

Do this workout a minimum of four times, six is better. Let me know how you did in the comments and how many rounds you worked your way up to.

Keep pushing mamas. Embrace the sweat and the burn. I love a good sweat because I know I’m pushing myself.

Refuel your body afterwards with a high protein meal! You earned it.

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