Because sometimes you want to take a nap with your 10 month old but then you look around the house and remember that the dishes haven’t been washed since Friday, the counters are hiding, and I haven’t showered since who knows when. And so what does this mama do? She hurries around the house and wipes the counters, loads the dishwasher, fills the washer up, sweeps the floor, and puts the toys away. Finally the place is presentable and time to kick back with a chocolate peanut butter smoothie (because hello, who doesn’t like that?) and then a “waaaaaa!” echoes through the hallway and this mama is back on her feet.

Mamas are heroes. Mamas are stronger than Superman, Batman, and Spiderman all together. Mamas are champions and they manage to do some of the most amazing tasks given. I have a friend who is almost 38 weeks pregnant and she has a 16 month old. We decided to hit up the beach this morning so the boys could wear off some of their energy. My friend chased her son around the whole beach and I could tell that she was wearing thin and in pain. I handed her my chub and took her place for a bit and chased the one year old around. But seriously? Mamas are warriors. She has a huge ol’ belly and feels every single pregnancy ache possible but she still made it possible to provide some kind of entertainment and activity for her child.

Somedays it gets tough. Somedays I don’t want to mama. Somedays I want to stay crummy  and lazy and not shower. But then I remember that my baby needs me. He needs mama and that’s when mama decides a trip to Starbucks is in store!

It’s okay to kick your feet up for a few minutes and RELAX. A burnt out mama is no good of a mama. And remember, it’s perfectly okay to sit in your pi’s all day long, eat a candy bar after a candy bar, but tomorrow will come and don’t let that day kick you in the butt. Get up and show tomorrow who’s boss.

You got this mama. You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are a mama.

He Won’t Need Mommy

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