Oh my word. I get to see my hubby soon!!!!!!! I can almost count down the days on one hand. Eeeeekk!!!!! I haven’t seen him in over a month and not that it’s been a super long time, a day without him around is a day too much in my opinion. But seriously, I get to hug that hunk of a man of mine pretty darn soon and actually tell him I love him in his face and not just over email!

But let’s be real. Military marriage isn’t easy and sometimes the first few days back together can be a little rough and awkward. Because honestly, the second he leaves I put my big girl pants on and get rolling with life and lace up my independent shoes and go. And then when the hubs returns, I have to put the brakes back on and realize we are a TEAM and it’s not just mama and Vanessa, but Sam and Vanessa. Or as the pastor who married us said, “SamNessa”.

So those sappy little hallmark movies on military romances or Nicholas Spark’s “Dear John” isn’t all it looks like. There are arguments. There are silent moments. There are misunderstandings. But you know what? There’s nothing better than getting to live through all of the struggles, the mistakes, the awkwardness and the mess ups with my best friend. Because he gets it. He knows it’s not always easy and I don’t have to pretend that it is. I don’t have to lather my face in a crap ton of makeup and put on a summer dress and heels and fake it. He gets me and that’s what makes our marriage worth it and something worth fighting for.

Okay so yeah, I’ll be that wife next week who’ll be all sappy and romantic and on top of the world. And it’s okay. My hubby is coming home!

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