Yesterday I sat on the sofa ALL day long. My little man got the sickies. He had the typical runny nose, fever, cough, and sleepiness. And all he wanted was his mama. I’m with family right now so I have tons of help with my little dude but yesterday wasn’t a good day for him so the only one that helped was his mama. So I cuddled him, and we had a few more cuddles, and then it was 4pm and we were still cuddling and mama still hadn’t showered and by 8pm when I didn’t even get a chance to grab dinner and I had two day old makeup on, I figured we should both just crawl in bed together and call it a night. Even though yesterday felt very unproductive and I sat on the sofa all day long, I snuggled with my baby and that’s exactly what he needed.

On the bright side of things, he woke up feeling better today and I showered! I’d rate that as a win-win for both of us. And get this, he actually was okay with Oma or Opa holding him and even played with Auntie. Oh and his first two teeth popped through! But yesterday was a rough mommy moment. I barely had a chance to escape and go to the bathroom and the second I was out of his sight he freaked and had a major meltdown. To be honest, I was a little thankful and happy when yesterday was over and the morning started off better today. Sometimes I wish daddy were around for this rough moments because we all need a little break from time to time. But daddy is far away right now and mommy was the only hero yesterday.

I was reminded though that these moments won’t last forever. My little dude won’t want to always cuddle with his mama and the days will come when he will want to do things on his own and mama will be left out of his picture. So for now I am going to treasure these moments and lock up these special memories and be forever thankful I have a little one to snuggle.

Snuggle your little ones mama and don’t take those little cuddles for granted. I’m going to grab my sweet baby and cuddle him to bed.

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