Why do I workout early in the morning? Because if I don’t do it right away, it’ll never happen. I know every single mom out there can relate to this dilemma and maybe yours isn’t working out, but there’s something you struggle fitting in your schedule.

Most mornings go like this: I barely get an hour to myself before my kiddo decides it’s time to go and get the day started. Don’t get me wrong, I love him to the moon and back and to the far ends of the earth and all the way around. But goodness, sometimes a momma needs a break. A time to decompress and either a way to let out all frustrations or downtime. I decompress by working out and breaking into a good sweat. When my workout is interrupted, I try and work around it before getting flustered and upset. I understand my baby needs mama first thing when he wakes up. Most mornings he can’t function until he’s had his milkshake (aka, the boobies!). So when he wakes up halfway between by workout, I have to stop, run into the room, grab him, and allow him to latch on and snuggle up close to my smelly sweaty body. Another thing I’ve learned is that babies don’t care. They don’t care if you haven’t showered in four days, if your hair is oily and greasy, if your tummy is wet with sweat, or if sweat is running down your face. I nurse, sneak in about two minutes of cuddles and then get back to my workout.

Motherhood is all about scarifies and incidences like this happen all the time. It may not be a workout session, in fact, it could even be struggling to get a shower in or finding one second to pee ALONE! I used to laugh at my friends when they told me sneaking away to the bathroom is a challenge. I get it now. I barely have a chance to finish and my little dude is already pulling on the shower curtain or the latest discovery is the toilet brush. I think I’ll be putting a lot of bathroom items away this weekend!

I workout early because I need that boost of energy. My body requires the kick and the mild torture I give it. It’s weird but that’s how I restart myself, find my reawakening, and rekindle the momma fire within me and manage to kick butt the rest of the day.

So whatever you’re facing today, remember you’re not alone in these momma battles. You’re a momma for a reason and even if it’s hard to find that purpose, just remember with every struggle today, there is always a rainbow tomorrow.

Go conquer the world mama. You can do this journey of motherhood, and please find two minutes or thirty minutes to yourself today. You need it.


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