Summer is around the corner. It cracks me up how the gyms are starting to get packed again, the newest and latest fads are coming out, and fitness experts are making loads of mula again. It’s kind of easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle all year round instead of freaking out two months before bikini season. 😉

Today I have a intense arm workout that will give you those slim arms so you won’t have to worry about “hi Jane arms”.

Slim Toned Arms: 

15 Lateral Raises

20 Skull Crushers

15 Front Raises

20 Bicep Curls with squat (why not hit the legs as well!)

25 Pushups (this will suck!!)


Do this a minimum of four times through and I kid you not, your arms will be on FIRE!! I wish I had my little fire ball emoji right now. Try and work your way up to six times. It might take a few weeks and that’s perfectly okay. I used a 12lb dumbbell for each of these exercises. I wish I had a 10lb weight but I don’t. I guess no pain no gain huh? Remember to refuel yourself with protein afterwards. Check out my favorite protein smoothie under my recipes.

Stay strong mommas!


Only a mother truly knows what tiredness feels like. It's the feeling like none other and honestly, it is hard...