Welcome to my life. Well, I should say a part of my life. I’ve been thinking about blogging and because I love to write and I have a few interests in certain areas, I decided to put it all together and start a blog. Where’s the drum roll? So if you’re a mom, you know exactly what somedays look like. For example, have you ever looked around the house and asked yourself “Good gosh, what the heck did I even do today?” But really, you did a lot there just isn’t much to show for it! Been there, done that. Or it’s five o’clock and the kiddos are STILL in their pj’s and you start to wonder if it’s even worth it changing them at this point. So we’re moms and we’ve all gone through these crazy moments. Just the other day I changed a poopy diaper and forgot to grab a diaper so I ran to the bedroom (understand the run from the living room to the bedroom is less than 50 feet) and in two seconds, I found a big ol’ turd on the living room carpet. Seriously?

Motherhood is scary y’all. There are some days when I get to think that I have this all down and then lo and behold I am thrown into a BIG loop again and another surprise comes my way. Then I begin to think how the heck do these women have eight to ten kids? Really? Like, what kind of secrets do I need to know of now because I’m willing to listen. I guess everything in small doses will prepare you for more later on. But motherhood isn’t only scary it’s also extremely rewarding because when that little smile looks at you or that little face lights up when they see their mama, the whole world seriously stops. There are so many wonderful moments, and scary ones, but mostly wonderful. And I’ve only been in this mommy thing for eight months so I’m not even that professional mom yet.

Moms are champions. They are heroes. Every single mom has a story and every single mom deserves a medal or trophy because heck, it’s not easy. I look back on my childhood and I SO get my mom now. I understand all of the struggles she went through and I wish I understood back then because I would’ve helped her out. But I didn’t. I enjoyed every second of my childhood and maybe God made it like that on purpose so I wouldn’t see the yucky days. I live over a thousand miles away from my mom now and there hasn’t been a single day in between those two years where I haven’t talked to her. I have to talk to her. She’s my righthand and my answer to everything. When the day is going bad, I call mom. When I’m having a good moment, I call mom. When I need to cry, I call mom. When I feel lonely, I call mom. And I know I can call mom even if it’s 3am and the baby won’t sleep, she’ll be there to talk me through it.

Let’s be real for a second. Motherhood is tiring. It is exhausting. There are many days when you feel like a walking zombie and let’s not forget, you also look like one, at least I do. But then these little humans depend on you for EVERYTHING and if you don’t get your butt whooped they won’t let you hear the end of it with their endless screaming and eventually tearing the whole house apart. There are those days. But with those days always comes a day of pure bliss, the kind where everyone took a shower, has clean underwear and clothes on, lunch happened at noon, dinner was ready when hubby walked through the door, and in the front of your mind you think, “yup, I got this!” And really, you do. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are a superhero. You are amazing. You are gorgeous. You are a mom.

Because motherhood is that sweet feeling of chubby little hands grabbing your face or pulling your hair, or big, wet sloppy kisses all over your nose (why the nose), and little arms pulling on your leg begging you to pick them up because remember, you have like ten arms. Motherhood is sweet. It is special. And it is like no other thing.